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  • My boss often tells me that I don’t do my work well, while I really try to do my best. How can I learn from this?
    If you really do your best, and people around you agree that you are, then your boss is using control dramas to ‘steal’ energy from you. He might have a tough time in his private life or he might have someone up in the hierarchy who tells him he doesn’t do his work well. This makes him feel bad, and these situations steal energy from him. What you can do is understand he choose you to ‘refill’ his battery, when his is draining. To break the control drama, you can not respond to his accusations, instead of defending yourself. When you don’t react, he doesn’t receive any more energy, and he will find someone else to ‘borrow’ from. While this might solve things for you, it doesn’t solve the original source of your issue.
    The longer term solution could thus be: You can help your boss by walking up to him and talk to him privately, in a very calm and respectful way and explain him that this is what happening. You have to be strong for this, because he will try to ridicule you and make fun of you and again try to steal your energy. Do not react and stick to your story and tell him you understand the situation and that you’re here to help.